Options for Resolving a DUII Case in Oregon

Every state in America has laws against driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and Oregon is no exception. Although some people believe they are better drivers when they are intoxicated, the laws that are in place today have reduced the rate of drunk driving fatalities considerably over the years. Many people who are arrested for DUII today did not test above the legal limit for alcohol. Unfortunately, that is not the only factor in determining guilt in a DUII case. Whether the defendant was drunk when they got behind the wheel or only had one drink, there are some things they could do to avoid a conviction.


Every person who has been charged with a crime has a right to a trial. Criminal trials allow the defendant as well as the state to present their case to the judge. Because a drunk driving conviction carries serious penalties, anyone who considers taking their case to trial should consult an experienced Attorney in McMinnville Oregon before they go to court. Having an attorney could help a person avoid making common mistakes that could hurt their case. Attorneys work in the courts on a regular basis and understand the norms for each courtroom. That could be a huge advantage for a defendant who has never been in trouble with the law.


Instead of going to trial, some defendants are eligible for diversion. This alternative sentences allows those who meet the qualifications to avoid a conviction by getting a drug and alcohol abuse assessment, installing an ignition interlock device on their vehicle, abstaining from alcohol for one year and paying all associated fees. Defendants have one year to pay all of the court costs and may apply for an extension if they are not able to do so. Everyone doesn’t qualify for diversion so before putting in an application with the court, a defendant should consult with an Attorney in McMinnville Oregon.

Any time a person is arrested, it’s essential to consult an Attorney McMinnville Oregon residents trust. A single consultation may be enough to help a defendant resolve their legal issue. If it isn’t, the attorney may be retained to work on the case from start to finish. Having an experienced attorney could help a defendant avoid some of the most serious consequences of a DUII conviction. It may even result in entry into a diversion program that erases the charge from the defendants record following completion.

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